NRF Humanitarian Fund

Lack of access to funding should never be a barrier to the innovation process for humanitarians, and helping people thrive in their community. New Reach Foundation continues to be a 100% pass through non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We do not fund our P&L operations, nor do we fund operational expenses for our partners with donor monies.

100% of Donations are applied for projects around the world with a focus on sustainable legacy inspired goals across many different areas of need such as: Anti-Human Trafficking, Medical and Business.

Many Organizations and NGO’s around the world carry high operational expenses yielding an inversely proportionate amount of donation monies to Real Impact Solutions. Many large and small scale organizations have tremendous impact around the world, we simply choose to be privately funded and have all donor monies applied towards projects.

New Reach Foundation has built reputable relationships around the globe. We recognize corruption and mismanaged use of funds, directly negatively impact people in their community. We do our very best to understand the local needs through the local perspective and partner with local people and local organizations to implement projects with maximal impact.

After several New Reach Projects and a few years in existence, we decided to start a general New Reach Foundation Humanitarian Fund. We will be utilizing several different technologies and methods for raising funds. Historically, we have simply raised monies for specific projects and then executed on the plan after the funds were raised.

With growing worldwide needs – NRF wants to be able to assist more communities around the world. We want to be able to immediately respond with our partners, projects and continue to build new relationships for more IMPACT. 

With your help, we can continue to raise funds with the same goals, and have the money ready to go. With this approach, we expect to increase our project bandwidth 10X, which will truly be an amazing exponential impact for people around the world.