Sherpa Giveback Giveaway

We are currently connecting with Organizations and Companies worldwide to help support the Sherpa family community during their high season for income for the year.

Sherpas are a Nepalese ethnic group numbering around 150,000. They are renowned for their climbing skills and superior strength and endurance at high altitudes. Perhaps the most famous Sherpa was Tenzing Norgay, who in 1953 was one of the first two men — Edmund Hillary was the other — to climb Mount Everest.


What do they do?

Sherpas act as guides and porters, and do everything from carrying the loads to setting up the camps. They secure climbing routes, fix lines, ferry supplies and guide clients to the top of Everest and other Himalayan peaks.

How much are they paid?

Sherpas who lead or assist expeditions to Everest earn about $5,000 during Nepal’s two-month climbing season, well above the country’s $430 annual per capita household income. But to earn that money, Sherpas make multiple round trips, exposing them to great risk.

1.) Donate specifically to your company of choice – perhaps an organization whom you have climbed with and Sherpa’s who have helped you

2.) Donate to our Collective fund to be distributed first hand by New Reach Foundation – avoid corruption and mismanaged donations. Distribution of funds to registered Sherpa’s.

3.) Donate to ESG (environmental social and governance) project – Clean up Mt. Everest and Villages to Everest Base Camp and a secondary mission to help clean up to Camp 2.


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