7 Summit House Coffee & Tea Reviews

10 out of 10 !!!


Everest Premium Reserve is an extremely rare and unique Single-Origin Catimor is a perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, nutty aroma in a full creamy body with unique fragrance reflective of the region. All Coffee enthusiast will appreciate and enjoy.

“I Don’t even drink coffee, and I like this” – Vin

“The Coffee is WILD. There is so much Flavor…it is like a berry chocolate explosion” – Gabe

“I am really enjoying this, very different…in an incredible way”

Premium Black Tea

“It has the flavor of the olde world mixed black teas I grew up with…in Ceyton and England. My Grandparents had me there when I was 10 to 18 – never wanted to come back.”

“Hand Picked and mixed dryer to perfection. The true taste of Black Tea” – Jaye


Grande Montana is an everyday Single-Origin Antigua that is full bodied, rich in flavor, and offers an intense, bright coffee with excellent floral tones and fruitiness.


The Kilimanjaro Premium Tanzania coffee is a Bright and Vibrant medium in body from Peaberries. This is a unique  Single-Origin which is very soft and clean in the cup, for all to enjoy.