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Encountering God Together

At some point, every music artist comes up against a roadblock. We facilitate life-impacting encounters with God that remove your obstacles, so that you start growing again in your faith and creativity.

·      Musician’s Encounter: Most musicians struggle to balance their lives, music, and relationships. We facilitate a powerful, life-changing, 3-day encounter. So their lives, passion, and purpose are completely transformed. Find Out More

·      Kauai Songwriters Conference: Many songwriters face the challenge of writing music that pleases man versus music that pleases God. We provide the opportunity to learn from some of today’s most successful Christian songwriters. So, that you can come learn to write more creatively, how to collaborate with others, and maintain the integrity of your faith while making music that is commercially viable. Find Out More

·    Indie Christian Songwriting Competition: A songwriting competition for those that care deeply about God and the impact music has on the world. If you are wanting to get your music heard, distributed and hopefully win some amazing gear, submit your song today. Find Out More

·      Mobile Music Initiative (MMI): Most orphans lack access to music enrichment. We bring an exciting, 3-day, music camp to them with ongoing music discipleship. So their confidence grows, their outlook is more hopeful, and it creates opportunity. Find Out More