Worship Live

worshiplive-logo-brandmark-transparent-bgAn Apostolic Ministry for Music

A ministry that is taking back the music industry for the Kingdom of God…reclaiming the ground, the heights, and the hearts in every genre of music.

·      Re-engaging song writers and musicians with their passion and purpose

·      Mentoring up-and-coming artists

·      Live events that utilize music as a catalyst for freedom and change

·      Local community impact with global reach

·      Collaborative events to bring artists together

·      The annual Kauai song writers conference

·      Friday Fire: live events that bring a spirit of unity, a place of release, a time of experiencing the love and presence of God – A global initiative bringing musicians together; utilizing localized worship events to bring forth the music that defeats deception and destroys the decoys of the enemy.

·      Recording Studio: where original songs are written and recorded so that they can release Kingdom impact on a global scale

·      Kauai O’hana House: a place of respite and recharging for music artists where they can pursue deeper purpose

·      24/7 live streaming worship from around the world