New Reach Foundation helps People THRIVE in their Local Community. It is so amazing to see people be active in their Greatness.

The way we do this is by encouraging and challenging people to TAKE ACTION through their “Why” and their “Purpose”.

Along with Experiential Leadership Events and Intentional Activities, we welcome Opportunities to have people, companies and organizations partner with us to raise donations via their passions, skills, and heart.

100% of donation are applied towards programs and NRF never apply any donations towards operational expenses or any other P&L line items

Teresa Robinson has been making jewelry as a hobby for about 12 years. Jewelry is a passion of hers and she is told that she has an eye for design and color. Teresa also has a passion for yard sales and love to get interesting jewelry , pendants and parts to repurpose in her designs.

Teresa love’s Jesus and uses her passions to make the world a better place and make a real difference in people’s lives. “This is where God has led my life to intersect with Scott’s projects and partnerships in Nepal,  and I hope that I can help in some small way to assist.

Your purchases of my jewelry will be a participation in all this to create a ripple effect of goodness that only God knows the scope of. Thank you for your partnership and may my creations bring joy to your heart along with knowing you are making the difference between life and death for these girls and their families.”