Grande Montana


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Guatemalan coffees are some of the most amazing fragrant and aromatic – yielding some of the world’s finest coffee. The natural shade and jungle of the Guatemalan highlands are the perfect environment for the bourbon botanical variety of arabica.


This is a unique  Single-Origin Antigua that is full bodied, rich in flavor, and offers an intense, bright coffee with excellent floral tones and fruitiness.


Hue Hue Tenango (way way ten-na-go) in the northeast frontier, it’s a fun one to say, “Way Way.”


Truly a classic amazing cup, deep body, stunning acidity and fruit, and hints of chocolate and cinnamon. This 7 Summit House coffee is dedicated to the amazing people throughout Central and South America. Such incredible communities throughout these regions! 

Purchase this knowing you are directly contributing to something transformative. 

*We sell at a discounted rate and all proceeds fund humanitarian projects

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