This is a journey about Perception, Awareness, and Heart

We have all heard and experienced the phenomenon of noticing that everyone else has what I just bought. For example, we do not notice any Blue Toyota Camry’s until we buy one.

What if we wore Yellow lensed glasses, the World would appear Yellow. What if you wore them for a few years? What color would the world appear? Your perception would be skewed from what you previously believed to be “normal”.Yellow World

This would simply be the way things are. We would no longer be aware of wearing Yellow glasses and we would no longer register the world as Yellow.

Consider that each of us is living our lives with a pair of figurative glasses. That is, we each have a perspective of the World. The way we see something or do not see something determines how we interpret the World, communicate with people, go through difficult times, and how we transform from defining moments in our lives. Our point of view can even impact what we physically allow ourselves to perceive visually. Most have heard and some live by, “perception is reality”, Who’s reality?

Consider that you live your life from a set perspective and that perspective influences every aspect of your life. It directly impacts the results you are getting in your relationships, your career, your health, your opportunities, and in your finances. Most people do not elicit a high level of awareness to their perception and actions. We don’t think we have a perspective! We think that the way we see things is the way they are. This does not open opportunities and the availability we have for greatness. It allows our life to be run by our perspective and it takes away the ability to make any decisions outside of our perspective.

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