My Yes led to My Purpose

I have been blessed to travel to the world to serve others, experience local culture and be ingrained in local communities. Throughout my travels, I have been to the deepest darkest places, and I have encountered amazing people with vibrant attitudes, in conditions Americans would consider much differently.

In December 2017, I chose to say “yes” to leaving my job, climbing the 7 summits, and starting and funding a non-profit focused on bringing aid to those around the world in ways that are meaningful to those on the ground – not what we think from the other side of the world. The non-profit is focused on amplifying existing programs, making them more effective, and amplifying their needs to those with skills or resources to help

In early 2018, I founded New Reach Foundation. While climbing Kilimanjaro in March 2018, I discovered that I have a real purpose – meeting others where they are at, and helping these people thrive, sometimes survive. In June 2018 I transitioned out of my executive level position and went full speed into the unknown world of the Non-Profit sector. I discovered that people’s needs are localized and cultural – there is no one size fits all solution to helping others. For me, finding my why, was about getting to know the different cultures, advising local programs with the experience from the corporate sector, and shining a light on unique needs in each part of the world.

I have spent the last 4 years finding my way through this journey while climbing the largest mountains in the world and having unexpected doors open along my journey. These doors have led to people and projects that greatly impact lives while transforming communities. We all have a choice to say “yes” and I feel strongly encouraged to help others say “yes” to operate in their greatness.